Pitbull Brothers

The Pitbull Brothers is a famous mixed martial arts team, lead by the brothers Patricky and Patrício Freire, which both are active fighters for Bellator MMA. Together they have founded a team and opened a great training facility center in Natal, Rio Grande do Norte in Brazil. Besides the professional fighters, they offer as well martial arts classes for amateurs and beginners, who woud like to learn the sport or come in for a good, exhaustive workout.

Over the years, with the success of the Pitbull Brothers in- and outside the cage, the number of franchise academies grew fast. Nowadays, they are counting dozens of franchises all over the world, even in Japan and China.

Pitbull Brothers CMS

Codesharks created a complete, multi vendor, administration system for the Pitbull Brothers, which gives them the complete insight in their franchises, members and classes all over the world. Each franchise has it's own access to the system, which gives them the opportunity to manage their own administration.

Franchise owners can manage their courses, subscriptions, teachers and members in one central system. They never have to worry again about expiring memberships and processing payments manually.

To optimize the user experience, we also developed an awesome mobile application, where members can register for classes, manage their subscriptions and have a complete insight in their statistics. Teachers can upload photos and videos of specific classes and even add specific instructions for their students to review later at home.

The core of the application has been built with Laravel, in combination with multiple high performance Vue JS components. Since the system is being used all over the world, we followed all the i18n (internationalization) guidelines and made it easily translatable, even in the Asian countries.

The mobile application is developed using the latest Ionic framework, by using Angular and Typescript as the main language and Capacitor for the access to the native features.

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Used technologies

  • Laravel
  • Vue JS
  • Ionic Framework
  • Angular
  • Typescript
  • Docker