We developed a web and mobile application for the warehouse racking inspection company LICCON. On a day to day basis, inspectors visits multiple companies to inspect their racking installations, which is necessary by law. Inspectors will create a report of their findings, including pictures and additional information. Our application enables the inspector to improve his productivity by offering default forms (categorized by a type) so that the inspector only need to fill in his findings.

The system can be licensed, that’s why we set-up the architecture as multi vendor. Each company has their own customized experience, with logo and company details.


Since inspectors might not always have access to the internet, the application is fully functional when being offline. In combination with the need of flexibility in forms and reports, we have chosen to use Firebase – Firestore and Auth, which is a NoSQL, offline first, backend solving the synchronization issue automatically for us.

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Used technologies

  • Firebase
  • Angular
  • NodeJS
  • React Native
  • Typescript