De Fysioclub

Our customer Fysioclub has multiple locations and companies and is specialized in physiotherapy, ergonomics, manual therapy, injury guidance and is a professional health partner for people that want to stay healthy and fit. In addition to their legacy system, they needed a general solution which help them to be in control of their invoice process for all their different locations and companies.

The core application we’ve developed accepts PDF’s (invoices) from their legacy systems and scrape all relevant information from those pdf’s which we use to create overviews, send e-mails to customers including payment links, send text messages as reminders and integrates with their backend accounting systems. We use an integrations with a third party payment provider: Mollie and their accounting system: Twinfield.

De Fysioclub CMS

Each tenant is able to configure its own communication timeline. It can configure multiple e-mail templates or text messages templates (to use them for example as reminders). These templates can be used in the configuration of the communication timeline.

In this way the customer is in complete control about their invoice process and can use a dashboard which give them real time information about all payment statuses. To be compliant with the European GDPR guidelines, we secure each PDF with personal encryption.

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Used technologies

  • Laravel
  • VueJS
  • NodeJS