We. Are. Codesharks.

We are a small, highly-skilled and ambitious software development team with Dutch origin. Our team members are located around the globe and share the same passion: building killer software! Our goal is helping our customers to accelerate… Accelerate business processes by designing, building and supporting software!

We help our customers by designing, building and supporting their future software projects.

# When we say Design we mean architecture, planning and user experience. We advise how new software should fit in the customer’s IT architecture. We discuss project planning and UX/UI. Always with focus on the customer's business.

# Building software requires effective and experienced development skills, collaboration, testing and quality assurance. You’re safe with us.

# We maintain software to be compliant with all new (external) software versions, latest security requirements and if needed we will host your software as well. Of course you can count on us 24/7. Everything is covered in a monthly maintenance plan.

Custom software development

From start-ups to enterprises, we create custom software which fit, performs and accelerates your business. Platforms, Portals, CRM, Integration solutions: you name it, we build it!

Dedicated development

Codesharks brings the right expertise and helps you scale your business with dedicated software developers. Based on your needs we will find a match with one or more of our developers.

Mobile development

We develop native mobile applications, which will accelerate your business or serve your customers needs. We share our vision, build, deploy and maintain your (native) mobile applications for Android and iOS.

Security and privacy

We have a special focus for security and privacy. Our experts will execute an independent analysis of the quality of any software together with an assessment of your security policy.

Cutting Edge Technologies & Frameworks!

We develop with passion and love to use the latest cutting edge technologies and frameworks to do so. We have been developing our projects using NodeJS, Angular, React, React Native, Ionic, Swift, Laravel, VueJS, Java, Firebase and NestJS.

Node JS Logo

Node JS

Highly scalable, very lightweight and efficient. Using an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model, Node JS is almost always a good solution for any backend.

Angular Logo


In combination with Typescript a perfect solution for any single-page client application. We have been using Angular since the AngularJS days!

React (native) Logo

React (native)

A declarative, efficient and very flexible framework to create user interfaces. Together with React Native (native mobile applications) a very popular choice nowadays.

Ionic Logo


A high-quality hybrid framework to create native mobile applications and deploy them on multiple platforms. Can be used in combination with Angular or React.

Firebase Logo


Google's mobile platform which creates high quality, scalable apps. We use Firebase for offline-ready apps and real-time frontend applications.

Nest JS Logo

Nest JS

A well structured Node JS framework for building efficient and scalable backend systems. We love to use it in combination with Angular frontends to have a similar, aligned project structure.

Laravel Logo


Elegant, expressive and robust. The popular PHP framework Laravel stole the heart of many developers who never believed in PHP. We have been using it since the early days and love it!

Vue JS Logo

Vue JS

A progressive, lightweight, Javascript framework which we use a lot in combination with Laravel to create stunning and high performing results.

Our work

Our portfolio includes a varity of projects, ranging from small start-up projects to large enterprise software. Take a look at a couple of our recent projects.

Our locations

Codesharks B.V.

Roermond, the Netherlands. (+31) 06-54971310

KVK: 80578918 BTW: NL861723119B01



Get in touch

Thinking about swimming with the sharks? Let us know about your future software project or current software challenge. We are excited to meet and introduce ourselves!

Unfortunately, we can't grab a cup of coffee at this moment due to the COVID-19 restrictions, but we’re happy to invite you to our digital office.